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The Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

How anyone could deny the fact that God is real and His Name is Jesus Christ, is beyond me. This past week God has proven faithful in the little things. Let me give you some examples. We were at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida this past weekend at the parking lot was absolutely full! We prayed for God to open up a parking spot and low and behold He grants it immediately in a close up front spot! Another time in Lafayette, Louisiana.  We arrive at a restaurant called the Blue Dog Cafe, which was packed full of people!  I was praying that God would open up a parking spot and get us in.  Within minutes,  God opens up a parking spot right up front next to the entrance. I walked in and it was going to be an hour wait.  We were already exhausted from the drive, but we decided to wait.  God blessed us in 20 minutes vice the hour wait!  He then set us up right smack next to the live singer on the stage.  How cool was that!  I cannot count the many times God has kept us safe and healthy during this entire trip!

This past week has been good.  The devil tried many times to jack things up but in the end it worked out great and God won, which was not surprising.  It is great to be saved and great to be on the winning side!

God has inspired me to begin putting together my war room/prayer room.  It will be my private time with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  To seek His face!  Seek His direction!  Seek His guidance, etc. The time is now to have a relationship with the Lord so close and so personal that Christ in my life will impact everyone around me.   That is what I desire!  It’s time to man up!

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