People Focused Christ Centered


Michael T PrattA born again believer of the Lord Jesus Christ since July 14th, 2002. Inspired writer, artist, leader.  I am a conservative, King James only,  youth leader and men’s small group leader.  I am a faithful husband of one wife. I am a grandfather of 1 beautiful grandson!  I am a 20+ year seasoned I.T. Professional.  As a Navy Submariner on SSBN’s 9 years and was stationed on the USS Madison SSBN 627 and the USS Michigan SSBN 727.  I got out and had a two year break in service and then enlisted in the Navy Reserves and then switched over to the Air Force Reserves and was attached to 442nd Medical  where I retired from the Air Force Reserves.  I now work for the US Government.


To motivate and lead myself and others with passion through Impact, Inspiration, investment and other biblical principles, where ever I am and to whom ever I meet through success or failure.  Regardless of how hard life can be, Philippians 4:13 says I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

WITH PASSION – A passion to reach a goal whatever that may be.

IMPACT – Putting others first.  Everyone wants to feel needed and feel important.  Everyone needs to know that their boss cares for them.

INSPIRATION – Positive motivation through inspiration and recognition is very important.  Catching someone doing right instead of doing wrong regardless of success or failure.

INVESTMENT – Investing in people to help them to succeed, whether it is through training, mentoring and/or counsel.

OTHER – To be the salt and light to those around me, whether I know them or not, in public or private, in the good times or the bad.

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