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My experience with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a Christian blogger

My experience with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as a Christian blogger

Search engine optimization.  It is a mystery and mostly misunderstood.  What if I was to tell you that this search engine optimization for websites is not what you think it is?  I have had this website for several years now, and you would think at least some traffic would come to this page pretty regularly. To tell you the truth, nothing on this site has had any extensive traffic.

Hours of reasearch

I have spent hours on the web reading and understanding the mystery of search engine optimization and countless more viewing YouTube videos. I have used techniques that people claim to have the perfect way to get your website on the first page only to find out that my site has not moved and is not even listed on the search results!

Does search engine optimization really work?

Search optimization results can take up to a year. Website SEO tools reveal nothing listed on Bing or Yahoo.

Search engine position results from this post will be interesting to see. If it does, it will definitely prove a point. That point will be that Google and other search engines are not interested in getting Christian based websites listed on their sites.

The test of search engine optimization

Google results of a christian search

If you don’t believe me.  Check it out for yourself. First of all, when you do a search for something in Google you will see how many results that they find at the top of the search results. For example I just made a search for “what makes a godly man“.  If you notice the amount of search results is over 30k sites! Wow that is a lot of websites that Google found! By default Google has the results page set to list 10 sites per page.  Here is the deal, If there are over 30k sites how many pages of search results shout there be?  It should be over 3000 pages of results!

So let’s see if those results are really true.  Click through the pages until it reaches 3000.  I will wait right here.

Are you back so soon?  I figured you would be a while? Did it get past 30? Google’s search engine results were shocking after extensive research.  In fact my site does show up around the 15th position.  You would think Google would see a brand new site and drop it on the first place position, The first website in this particular search phrase was published in 2013!

Google filters

It is pretty sad that Google filters our God given rights to reach out to seekers and other born again believers on the web.  This truly reveals a much needed change to the way Google handles their biased ideologies and beliefs. If I were to ask Google about this I am pretty sure we would get some sort of “politically correct” answer instead of getting the truth as to why Google would do such a thing. Google is a popular search engine.

Conclusion of SEO

The numbers don’t lie.  Why would Google limit search results and not even update the search engine results on a daily basis?  This allows Google to control their keyword results without the worry of what other sites that check Keyword frequency within websites.  Google’s so called search engine criteria cause website owners to be at their disposal.  What a great way to limit what the world sees from search engine results!

In this world of mysterious search engine optimization, what is your experiences?  Your pitch to sell your services as an SEO marketer is not what I am looking for. I have the skills that it takes to do my own SEO and I don’t need to pay someone else to do what I can do myself.  This site’s comments are looked at before they are posted therefore please be considerate of your comments. Search engine optimization marketing ideas on this page will not be allowed.  I just want to read honest experiences and opinions on this subject from a Christian blogger.



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