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How to Keep a Marriage

Twenty-five years and counting as of today to my wife, my ONLY wife, and my best friend!  Society of today treats marriage like a used car lot.  The vows that were said before God are not taken seriously.  For better, for worse. For richer, for poorer.  In sickness and in health.  Till DEATH due us part.  Empty words stated between one man and one woman.  No commitment.  Men realize this.  It is OUR responsibility and OURS alone to INVEST in the woman that God gave us!  Marriage relationships are like a bank.  You have to DEPOSIT in order to WITHDRAW! The fact is, if we just withdraw, soon or later we are going to overdraw our marriage account and become broke!

God hates divorce!  God is not the one that ordained the bill of divorcement.  It was Moses!  Why because of the hardness of hearts!  If we are not willing to commit to a marriage don’t even bother to commit to a relationship!  STAY SINGLE, STAY PURE!  That is the path to take.  Marriage is not just a milestone in our lives nor is it just something we do.  Marriage is a huge responsibility!  It will change our life!  If we are not committed.  DON’T DO IT!  This world is littered with broken marriages, single mothers and fathers, and children with out fathers or mothers or both in their lives.  Don’t add to the trash!  Do some serious thinking and praying about the decision to marry and to possibly have children.  The slightest doubt, don’t commit!

What are things to do to keep a marriage?  This is not the perfect list to keep a marriage as every marriage is different but these can enhance a marriage!

  1. LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY! Husbands LOVE your wives as Christ loved the church!
  2. WIVES RESPECT your husbands!  That is what the Word of God says to do, to SUBMIT to your husband!  In fact it says for BOTH to submit to each other!
  3. If it is broke FIX IT!  Enough of the pride!  Get down to the REAL issue of why the marriage is broken. Do not wait for it to be so bad that it is a complete mess!
  4. Never use SEX as a leverage to get something!
  5. There is NO SUCH THING as a SEPARATE bank account or a prenup!  If you have this that means you are not willing to commit FULLY to the unification of ONE!
  6.  Christ should NOT be an option!  He should be the CENTER!
  7. INVEST in each other and the children!
  8. Never ever say the D word! (Divorce).  Remember, DEATH DUE YOU PART!

If this offends you then you should not get married period until you get your heart right with Christ!  May God richly bless you!

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