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Church Camp 2017

Youth church camp was completely different from all the others I have attended.  Just when you though God hit the mark He raised the bar again a notch.  I have been working on the video presentation for this years camp and as I have gone through the pictures, many thoughts of the past week flowed through my mind.  The greatest praise I have is two 6th graders called upon the name of the Lord to be save!  Hallelujah! Two lost souls rescued from the depths of hell and the bondage of the devil!  Talked to one and asked her how she was doing.  She woke up the next morning feeling free! That is what the Bible says!  It says in 1 John 5 that YE may KNOW!  There is no wondering about whether or not you have been saved!  There is no progression!  There is no working to keep your salvation.  It is permanent!

It was such a sweet time I got to spend with these young people!  Watching them connect with each other.  Make new friends and most of all seeing God move in their lives!  I love the students of Jr. High so very much.  I miss them when Church ends and miss them as the week progresses and look forward to Wednesdays and Sundays!

One of the things that I have been doing is I am on a strict high protein and high fat low carb diet,  Since March 17th 2017 I have dropped 25 pounds.  I have been running 3.25 miles over Friday Saturday and Sunday and it has paid off!  I got tired of not having the energy to get involved with the activities with my youth group and then there is the fact I have a 1 year old grandson.  They need me!  I only have one body and I need to be mindful of what I consume.  We played Romans VS. Christians on Monday night in the dark and all the kids could not stop talking about how fast I was.  Thank you Jesus!  Here I am 46 years old and I felt like I was a teenager again!  Such a wonderful feeling!

I am so blessed and honored to be able to minister to these young people and get down to their level!  The need to know I am there for them and I desire to have a strong relationship with them just as if they were my very own child! Until next time!

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