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FREE LESSONS: The Seven Mysteries of God

FREE LESSONS: The Seven Mysteries of God

Understanding the Word of God is very important. Most born again believers of the Lord Jesus Christ cannot explain what they believe and why they believe it! In the age of the laodicean church age, it is getting worse and worse.  Rarely do you see the people of the church taking notes on sermons, reading their Bible outside those day’s that that they have worship service (if they even attend a local church). Churches of today have pastors that cannot even explain the significance of these seven mysteries that the Word of God teaches.  Churches of today have congregations of ignorant people that would rather have their “ears itched” and feel good, instead of challenged to repent of their sins and change their ways.

If you want to understand the Bible and be able to tell others what you believe and why you  believe it, these FREE seven lessons will definitely set that foundation!

To receive these lessons please fill out the form below and I will send you a link to the download for these lessons completely free. Your email will be safe and you have my word as a born again believer that I will not sell your information to anyone.

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