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Ten Keys To Godly Leadership – Introduction

Ten Keys To Godly Leadership – Introduction

The Christian family and the church today are lacking.  More and more I see men lacking the biblical leadership and involvement in the local church.  Men lack the ability to spiritually lead their home for several reasons, from ignorance, laziness and desire to do the right thing.   This series will challenge you. It will convict you. It will encourage you and empower you! By the time we get done with this series we should have a good idea on how to become that godly leader as a man.  Learning is the easy part. The hard part is what will we do with this AFTER this series is completed?

The ten keys we go over in this series are not definitive.  There are countless characteristics on biblical godly leadership and we would spend months or even years to go over them all.  My encouragement to you is don’t stop at the ten! Continue to seek God’s direction to improve/perfect your godly leadership! A personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is a lifelong process of learning and growing and not just a get out of hell free card!  This world needs godly leadership and godly men!

Here are the 10 keys to Biblical leadership for godly men:

  1. A godly leader seeks Christ’s direction!
  2. A godly leader is in the Book!
  3. A godly leader prays!
  4. A godly leader is humble!
  5. A godly leader is slow to anger!
  6. A godly leader puts Christ first!
  7. A godly leader is God fearing!
  8. A godly leader loves people!
  9. A godly leader is faithful!
  10. A godly leader is a peacemaker!

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